RN & LPN Advanced Footcare

This workshop is designed to prepare nurses to perform advanced footcare techniques.


This workshop is facilitated by Masters and Doctorate prepared faculty at the Centre for Nursing Studies with extensive experience in the provision of footcare and footcare education. The following includes an overview of the workshop.

Day One

Seven units of theoretical information are reviewed as well as a emonstration and return demonstration of footcare procedures. The seven units include:

  1. The Normal Foot
  2. Foot Health of Children, Women, and the Elderly
  3. High Risk Clients (Diabetes)
  4. Foot Pathologies
  5. Foot Assessment
  6. Footcare Equipment/Basic Footcare
  7. Advanced Procedures

Day Two

This day is spent performing footcare on residents in a long-term care setting. Students are exposed to clients requiring basic as well as advanced footcare. Some of the advanced techniques include: removal of calluses, corns, warts, etc.


  • Tuition is $500.00. Tuition includes all costs associated with the program including textbooks, modules, additional readings and clinical experience (if required).

Further Information

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