Tuition and Fees - Continuing Nursing Studies

Updated May 5, 2020

All required textbooks are to be purchased by students

Course Name Tuition Comments
IEN Bridging/ RN Re-Entry Program Tuition Cost per Semester Each semester cost includes the cost of proctored online exams and the administration fee. The semester costs does not include a specialty nursing practical course.
Fall Semester $1,450.00
Winter Semester $2,020.00
Spring Semester $1,650.00
Late Summer/Fall Semester $3,100.00
IEN Bridging/ RN Re-Entry Program: Individual Course Costs

The individual course costs include the cost of proctored online exams. It does not include the administration fee.
CS001: The Profession of Nursing in Canada $450.00
CS002: Therapeutic and Professional Communications $450.00
CS003: Pharmacology $450.00
CS004: Medication Administration $750.00
CS005: Health Assessment $750.00
CS006: Health Challenges & Nursing Interventions $800.00
CS007: Complex and Emerging Health Challenges $750.00
CS008: Clinical Skills $1,250.00
CS009: Medical-Surgical Clinical Practice $1,750.00
Preceptorship only $1,000.00
Administration Fee $100.00
Seat Confirmation Fee $100.00
Application Processing Fee  $50.00
8 Specialty Nursing Courses
CSS013A: Nursing the Childbearing Family $450.00
CSS013B: Nursing Practice for the Childbearing Family $350.00
CSS012A: Child Health Nursing $450.00
CSS012B: Child Health Nursing Practice - 80 hours $350.00
CSS010A: Mental Health Nursing $450.00
CSS010B: Mental Health Nursing Practice - 80 hours $350.00
CSS011A: Community Health Nursing $450.00
CSS011B: Community Health Nursing Practice - 80 hours $350.00
Competency Based Assessment (CBA) $2,000.00
Practice Support – RN & LPN Contact the Centre for Nursing Studies
Practical Nursing Program (per semester, including 100.00 Administration fee) $1,600.00
International Students $5,565.00
Application Processing Fee $50.00
Seat Confirmation Fee $100.00
Anatomy & Physiology - Online
A & P I (12 weeks) $500.00 A total of $300.00 will be reimbursed towards the first semester tuition of the PN program for successful applicants 
A & P II (12 weeks) $500.00 A total of $300.00 will be reimbursed towards the second semester tuition of the PN program for successful applicants.
LPN Re-Entry Program $6,000.00
LPN Mental Health Course $1,000.00
Substantive Equivalent Competence Assessment (SECA) $2,000.00
Pathway to Success $1,500.00
LPN Gerontology Course  $1,000.00
LPN Perioperative Program $4,000.00
LPN Health Assessment Course $600.00
LPN Medication Administration Course $600.00
Post Basic Competency Modules for Nurses
Intramuscular  $100.00
Intradermal  $100.00
IV Therapy  $100.00
Blood & Blood Product Administration  $100.00
Immunization  $100.00
IV Initiation  $100.00
IV Medication Administration  $100.00
Hypodermoclysis  $100.00
Central Venous Access Devices (CVAD)  $100.00
Wound Care  $100.00
Advanced Foot Care Course For Nurses
RN $500.00
LPN $500.00
Professional Development Modules
Male & Female Catheterization  $25.00 + 15% HST
GI Tube Feedings  $25.00 + 15% HST
Oxygen Therapy & Oral Suctioning  $25.00 + 15% HST
Supplementary Exam Fees
IEN/RN Re-Entry Program (Proctored)  $100.00
LPN Re-Entry  $50.00
PN  $50.00

*Please be advised that the costs listed are subject to change without notice.