Celebrating Nurse Practioners Week, 2019, at the CNS!

Nurse Practioners Week 19

Here at the CNS we celebrate our very own nurse practitioners (NPs), Kelly, Wanda and Valda, as this is Nurse Practitioner Week. We recognize that the healthcare system is positively influenced by the exceptional care provided by NPs. Congratulations to each of you and we hope that you are enjoying your week.

CAPNE Innovation in Practical Nursing Education - Team Award


Three CNS faculty members, Glenda Manning, Denise Miller and Kim Lawson, were recognized on October 24 at the Canadian Association of Practical Nurse Educators (CAPNE) Conference in Winnipeg by being nominated for and awarded the CAPNE Innovation in Practical Nursing Education - Team Award.

The award recognizes the innovative and interactive educational activity that was developed and facilitated for Practical Nursing Program students at the CNS in March 2019.

The purpose of the activity was to integrate concepts learned in Health Assessment and Mental Health theory courses with the intent of promoting critical thinking and enhancing client care in caring for clients experiencing substance misuse.

Congratulations to Glenda, Denise and Kim for this outstanding achievement! It is excellent to see innovative and scholarly teaching recognized in this way.

CNS's Caring Through Sharing Fund Donation, October 2019

Caring Through Sharing

On behalf of the BN Program Class of 2019, Randene Michelin-Lambe and Amanda Morrissey, presented a cheque to Director, Dr. Kathy Watkins and Associate Director, Anne Marie Tracey for the CNS's Caring Through Sharing Fund.

The funds will go a long way to help students in need. Thank you CNS graduates for this generous donation!

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